STEP 1: Purchase Your Card

Buy a FamCard from any Mama Lou's Italian Kitchen or Nonna's Pizza Napoletana outlets, or purchase one online! 

STEP 2: Present to claim your Family Perks

Always bring your FamCard with you to avail your Dine-In, Delivery, and Takeout Perks from Mama Lou's  & Nonna's.

STEP 3: Use it as your digital Business Card

Enjoy the revolutionary NFC function by tapping your FamCard to any NFC enabled device to share your contact information.


💡 HOW TO REDEEM? Just Present your FamCard!

- A birthday pizza for your birth month; LARGE PIZZA OF ANY FLAVOR
- 15% discount all year round


💡 HOW TO REDEEM? Present your FamCard or provide your card details to our team

Note: Only one treat redemption per takeout/delivery transaction. Splitting of bill to intentionally redeem two perks in a day is not allowed.

- Buy 1 Pizza and 1L Drink (Mama Tea or Nonna's Lemonade) to get a FREE pizza of the SAME SIZE.
-10% discount all year round.
- 20% discount 7 days before and after your birthday.
- Access to any promos & discounts Exclusive for FamCard holders.



All perks from the FamCard Loyalty cannot be used in conjunction with other promos & discounts. Likewise, all perks are not exchangeable for or convertible to cash, credit or goods and services.

Cardholders with mandatory and government-regulated discounts, apart from the Senior Citizen discount, have the option to choose which promo or discount to apply, but it cannot be availed simultaneously with the perks indicated herein.

In the purchase of goods and services which are on promotional discount, the Senior citizen can avail the of the promotional discount or the discount provided under the Expanded Senior Citizens, act of 2010, whichever is higher.All prices and offers are subject to change without prior notice.

The General terms and conditions of Mama Lou's Hospitality Group on Privacy Policy, Returns, Refund and Cancellation applies.


Q: What is a FamCard Loyalty? 

A: FamCard Loyalty is our way of giving love back to our guests. It is a loyalty program where members get to enjoy exclusive deals and discounts. 

Q: What do I get from FamCard Loyalty? 

A: By availing the FamCard, you will get the exclusive FamCard Loyalty Perks for Dine-in, Delivery & Take out from Mama Lou's Italian Kitchen & Nonna's Pizza Napoletana. Aside from this, your FamCard also functions as a Digital Business Card so you can easily share your contact information in just a tap. All this only for P999!

Q: Does a FamCard expire? 

A: The FamCard is valid for one (1) year from the date of purchase. The NFC enabled Business Card function expires together with your card's validity.

Q: How can I check the validity of my FamCard? 

A: Your card is valid for one year from the date of purchase. Date of purchase is reflected on your Digital Business Card (Can be viewed by NFC or scanning your card's QR Code). Your FamCard may also be validated by our team in-store or online. 

Q: How can I renew my FamCard?

A: You may renew by purchasing a new FamCard in any Mama Lou's & Nonna's Restaurant, or online.

Q: Where can I purchase a FamCard? 

A: You can buy the card from any Mama Lou's & Nonna's Restaurant (via dine-in or walk-in), or order online by sending us a message! This card will be available for purchase via Website checkout & online stores like Lazada SOON.

Q: How can I register my FamCard? 

A: Fill out the Registration Form and pay for your FamCard. In case of a replacement card request resulting from Family Card damage or loss, the same information will be used to confirm Family Card owner details. There will be charge of Php550 as card replacement fee. 

 Q: I already have a FamCard, Can my family also avail the perks without me?

A: Birthday Perks are exclusive to the card holder only. Other dine-in, delivery and take out perks may be shared with other family members using your card.

 Q: Can I avail TWO delivery/takeout benefits at the same time?

A: NO. Only ONE treat redemption per transaction. In line with this, no splitting of bill to intentionally redeem perks may be made.


Q: How can I take advantage of the Buy 1 Take 1 deal? 

A: Buy 1 Take 1 is always available to guests with an active FamCard, for takeout & delivery. Just buy any pizza and 1L drink to get a free pizza. 

Q: Can I order any pizza to enjoy Buy 1 Take 1 deal? What FREE pizza do I get for the Buy 1 Take 1 deal? 

A: Yes, you may choose ANY pizza size and flavor and get the any pizza flavor for FREE too.

Q: How many pizzas can I claim for FREE? 

A: You may avail yourself of a maximum of 2 FREE pizzas for every transaction. The 3rd or succeeding orders of pizza will no longer be matched with a free pizza. 

Q: Will I still get a 10% discount on top of the Buy 1 Take 1 deal? 

A: No. For take-out/delivery, you can ONLY choose which FamCard Deal to avail yourself of, either the Buy 1 Take 1 or the 10% discount deal. Offers cannot be applied in conjunction with other promos. Only one treat per takeout/delivery transaction


Q: How and when can I claim my birthday pizza? 

A: You can claim your birthday pizza anytime within your birth month. Just dine in any Mama Lou's or Nonna's restaurant and present your FamCard for verification purposes.